Training of Care Workers


We support the training of
Vietnamese Care Workers.

Nurturing Vietnamese Care Workers.

In Japan, about 30% of population are elderly and will need a long-term care worker for many years to come.
We, RTM, provide consistent support for Vietnamese students aiming to become long-term caregivers from enrollment and enrollment support for caregiver training schools through employment at long-term care facilities for the elderly after graduation.

Tuition for the Training
Schools is Free.

Tuition for caregiver training school will be free using RTM’s support system. Also, students are able to work part-time at a long-term care facility during a school, so they are able to gain experience in a facility.

Supporting employment in long-term care facilities

We support employment in long-term care facilities for elderly where the students work part-time while attending a training school.
Therefore, communication at the long-term care facility for elderly and acquisition of work contents can be done very smoothly, and the students can work afterwards without worry.

Flow from a Training School to Employment


Graduation from Japanese Language School.


Support for Admission to a Caregiver Training School.


Acquiring on-site experience through a part-time job at a long-term care facility for the elderly while attending a caregiver training school.


Obtaining a license and then employment at a long-term care facility for the elderly as a certified care worker.

Sufficient support of our Special Staffs accomplishes Actual Results.