Graduates Supported by RTM

  • hoang thi sa
  • I am grateful that RTM supports me closely related to my life even after I got a job in Fukui Prefecture. Of course, I am grateful for the RTM’s tuition free system for the caregiver training school, but above all, thanks to the part-time work experience at the long-term-care facility during school, I was able to communicate smoothly with the people at the facility that I was most worried about when I got a job.

    My goal is to be a care worker who is close to the users of the long-term-care facility for the elderly. And I want to continue this work for a long time.

  • duong thi minh
  • The RTM’s tuition free system for a caregiver training school, which allows me to concentrate on my studies without worrying about tuition fees, was very helpful. In addition, part-time work experience at the long-term-care facility allows me to acquire practical work, so I can learn work quickly.
    At the RTM support desk, you can consult with the supporters about anything, so you can work with peace of mind.

    My goal is to be a trusted care worker who understands the feelings of those who use a long-term-care facility.
    International students who are interested in long-term-care work!
    I could not speak Japanese well at first, but now I can live like my own country in Fukui prefecture thanks to the RTM system and my coworkers, who have used same support system to get a job. Let's work together as a long-term care worker!


Interviews from the Staffs of Long-term Care Facilities

Staff of the long-term care facility for the elderly.

Indispensable for Teamwork

I was worried about verbal communication, but more than that, students were more active in learning Japanese and working, and they worked diligently, so I believe they were able to get a job and work smoothly. Above all, they are very cheerful, and their daily energetic greetings energize not only the users but also us.

What I felt when using the RTM support system was that by having a part-time job at our long-term care facility while attending a caregiver training school, our staffs were able to take the time to build a relationship of trust. Also, with the generous supports by the coworkers, foreign students, they will be ready to work. Although we have different nationalities, they are indispensable for our team and are the mood maker of the facility.