Supporting for “Specified Skilled Workers”


We will Start Supporting for “Specified Skilled Workers”.

We plan to provide related support for 14 occupations covered by specified skilled workers and also plan to provide matching between international students and host companies or facilities. For inquiries, please use the inquiry form on our website for companies, facilities, and international students.

Specific Industrial Field Designated as Specific Skill

Written below are the 14 occupations designated as “Specific Skill” and the number of people scheduled to be accepted over the next 5 years.

1Nursing Care60,000 people
2Building Cleaning Management37,000 people
3Machine Parts & Tooling Industries21,500 people
4Industrial Machinery Industry5,250 people
5Electric, Electronics and Information Industries4,700 people
6Construction Industry40,000 people
7Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Industry13,000 people
8Automobile Repair and Maintenance7,000 people
9Aviation Industry2,200 people
10Accommodation Industry22,000 people
11Agriculture36,500 people
12Fishery & Aquaculture Industries9,000 people
13Manufacture of Food and Beverages34,000 people
14Food Service Industry53,000 people

Inquiries about Specified Skilled Worker Support